Your real wallet meets your digital wallet

Connect physical experiences and products with digital collectibles; Organize, personalize and showcase what you love

Solaire Wallet™ - the journey begins in real life

Commerce Enhancer™

Solaire enhances the purchase experience with unique in-wallet consumer features that enable the most authentic connection between you and things you love.

Wallet Provider

The first and only Real World Asset (RWA) wallet designed specifically for IRL experiences and tangible goods - making it extremely easy to own, interact, enjoy and trade RWA on-chain.

Wallet Aggregator

Solaire aggregates your assets from multiple wallets and empowers you with consumer features to better access and manage your RWA through the Solaire Commerce Enhancer™.

RWA Management

Through the Commerce Enhancer™, you can effortlessly authenticate, own, organize, personalize, gift or resell any tangible asset or IRL experiences (tickets) directly in your Solaire wallet or any wallet of your choice.

Get the most out of your ownership


Connect with your favorite teams, athletes and artists in authentic ways - through IRL experiences, merch, collectibles and content. Collect and store them securely in a single place to cherish and share.


Access provenance, authenticity, proof of ownership, product care, storytelling, exclusive content and perks easily and securely in your wallet.

Not your average wallet ...

Pick a wallet partner that can amplify your offerings

Solaire Commerce Enhancer™ amplifies how you engage with top customers. Equip your fans and consumers with the most capable wallet to best engage with your offerings and forge that lifetime relationship.

Experience Social Commerce 3.0