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Solaire empowers brands, retailers and creators to capture the secondary economy with revenue, data and customer acquisition, without active participation.

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Whether you have a Digital ID or a Digital Product Passport provider, the Solaire Wallet is your gateway to capturing the secondary economy. Our Recommerce Wallet can be connected to any Digital Product Passport services with a simple API, or you can opt for the Solaire Digital Product Passport service.


Upon receiving the Digital Product Passport into the wallet, consumers are equipped to freely transfer or resell the item peer-to-peer with anyone, anywhere, and at any time. Transactions and logistics are facilitated by the Solaire Wallet, requiring no participation from brands or any third-party platform.

Full access to secondary economy

With the Solaire wallet facilitating peer-to-peer resale, brands and retailers are assured of royalties, access to in-depth product life cycle insights, and zero-cost customer acquisition from the secondary market. Capture the full lifetime value of a product without altering your operations or tech stack.

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Secondary market is  growing 3X faster than primary market.

Capture Market Insight


The global resale market is projected to reach $218B by 2026.

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Boost circularity and seamlessly capture the secondary economy of your business today.

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