Facilitate secondary trading with Solaire Open Protocol

Leverage Solaire Open Protocol to enable didi-physical trading on any new or existing marketplaces or social platforms.

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Extend Your Services
Unlock Your Clients' Full Earning Potential

Accessible to everyday consumers

Built specifically for Digital Product Passport.

Best-in-class UX/UI for everyday consumers.

Non-custodial, email-based wallets, no password, no seed phrases, and no gas fees

Enables peer-to-peer resale

Proprietary technology that leverages Digital Product Passport to enable peer-to-peer authenticated resale, giving power back to consumers in the secondary market.

Unlocks secondary economy for your clients

With the Solaire protocol facilitating all resale activities on the blockchain, your clients can effortlessly capture royalties and secondary market data without active participation.

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The open protocol that grants you instant access to the secondary economy.

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