Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Solaire wallet

The Solaire Wallet is designed specifically for everyday consumers and collectors to host and manage the digital ownership of their cherished physical possessions.
With each purchase, you will receive digital ownership in the form of a one-of-a-kind digital certificate on the blockchain, along with unique content, experiences, and perks that come with the ownership of the item. It also serves as the item’s digital product passport containing information on provenance, authenticity, and product care.

Leveraging digital ownership, you can easily resell the item to anyone, anywhere, and at any time directly from your wallet.

How to get a Solaire wallet

New users can create a Solaire wallet anytime using your email. Once your wallet is created, you are able to buy, bid or sell any items from your wallet. 
If you are purchasing an item and don’t currently have a Solaire wallet, your wallet will be automatically created when you claim the item ownership with your email.

*Solaire wallet owners are identified with their email. Customers must provide an email address at the point of purchase in order to create or access their Solaire wallet. Phone numbers are not supported at the moment.

What can I sell or buy

Anything in your Solaire wallet is free to trade anywhere, with anyone. Check our client list and community board for the brands, creators, and makers we are partnering with.
Anything that sellers put up for sale, including autographed memorabilia, collectibles, luxury goods, fashion items, and fine art pieces.

Resale listing and pricing

To generate the resale link, sellers must provide truthful, accurate, and comprehensive descriptions of the item. This includes creating informative listing descriptions and uploading photos of the current condition.
Sellers can set prices or establish auction terms as desired. Once a buyer accepts a listed price or wins the auction, a binding transaction exists, and sellers are obligated to provide the item(s) to the buyer at that price.

How does shipping work

Once a buyer makes a purchase or an auction is successfully completed, seller must fulfill the sale.  The seller is responsible for shipping the item safely and securely to the buyer using trackable carriers. 
After receiving payment, we’ll notify the seller to ship the item and share the tracking details. Buyer will receive the order status update and shipment details directly in the wallet. Solaire will notify both parties when the shipment has arrived its destination.

Is it safe

Yes! As all item details and ownership are secured and verifiable on the blockchain, buyers can trust the integrity of the item and rely on Solaire’s smart contract to safeguard their payment until the item is delivered.

What are the fees

The following will be deducted from Seller’s final payout:3.5% service fee on the sold price of an item when it sells2.9% + 30 cents credit card payment processing fee for the entire transaction if credit card was usedMaker’s royalty as indicated on the item’s ownership

*Seller is responsible for shipping cost and applicable sales taxes

How do I get paid

You’ll receive payment 48 - 72 hours after the buyer confirms the order.  This will initially show as credit in your account which you can then cash out via PayPal or ACH (directly to your bank account).

How to claim or accept an item’s ownership

Primary Owner

Once received, locate the microchip or the QR code in the product, tap/scan it with your smart phone and tap on the pop-up notification. You will be directed to the preview page to log in. Simply log in with the email used for the order to claim your digital ownership. 

Secondary Owner

Once received the item, locate the microchip or the QR code in the product, tap/scan it with your smart phone and tap on the pop-up notification. You will be directed to the preview page to log in. Simply log in to your wallet to accept your shipment and transfer the ownership to your wallet. 

Return management

Primary Owner

On the claim page, you'll find the option to claim the item immediately or return it within the maker's specified return period. Once ownership is claimed, returns are no longer possible. If you choose to return the item, select 'return' to receive instructions from the maker. Your ownership will be removed from the wallet as soon as the return has been processed. If no action is taken during the return period, ownership will be claimed and added to your wallet automatically.

*Please note the return option may not be available for made-to-order items depending on the maker’s policy. 

Secondary Owner

After receiving the shipment, you have 30 days to confirm the order. A communication channel will be opened if you wish to raise any issues with the seller during that period.

Alternative wallet selection

Primary Owner

While Solaire provides the option to store ownership in another wallet, we recommend using the Solaire wallet for the optimal user experience, especially for resale. If you choose to store the item in a different wallet, simply select “my other wallet” option and paste the wallet address during the claiming process. Your ownership will be saved in the specified wallet, and you can still interact and manage the item through the Solaire Wallet interface.

Secondary Owner

For all resale, ownership will be transferred to your default Solaire wallet. 

Send a gift

You can gift or transfer anything in your wallet “phygitally” to anyone. Select the “send as gift” option from the item you want to send, and enter the recipient’s email. The recipient will have 7 days to confirm the receipt of the item Recipient must have possession of the physical item, access the authenticity identifier (NFC or QR code) on the item to complete the transfer/gifting action.  Once confirmed, ownership along with all of its content and perks will be transferred to the new owner’s wallet. 

*phygital = physical + digital

How to tap the NFC

Depending on the model of your smartphone, locate the NFC antenna on the smartphone and point it at the microchip. The smartphone should touch the microchip until a notification pops up. For iPhone, the antenna is located on the top edge at the back of the phone.  It is recommended to remove any phone case as it may interfere with the signal.